2nd February 2023

The error of reacting to market falls

Being an investor is never easy because, as humans, we tend to live in the moment responding to our emotions, the environment around us and the circumstances we find ourselves…
2nd January 2023

2023 – Looking backwards and forwards

At the start of 2022 investors needed reminding that investing is not an easy game, despite having enjoyed around a decade of relatively strong – and fairly consistent - market…
15th December 2022

Value Worth Waiting For

Sensible investing is about taking on sensible risks in your portfolio, which starts with owning equities over cash.  Historical data and logic tell us to expect a premium for doing…
9th December 2022

Pacem Shortlisted for 3 Eastside Awards!

Pacem is delighted to announce that we have have been shortlisted in three categories for the 2022 Eastside Awards. The Eastside Awards exist to showcase the best in East Belfast…
29th November 2022

30 Climate Leaders Under 30 Created for Northern Ireland

A cohort of 30 people under the age of 30 has been convened to lead the local response of the younger generation to the climate emergency. In the first of…
3rd November 2022

In Defence of Democracies, Markets & the Media

Three prime ministers and three chancellors in as many months, certainly feels chaotic, possibly a bit embarrassing, as well as a little depressing.  There is no doubt that the UK…
18th October 2022

Pacem Supports Prestigious International ‘30 Under 30’ Personal Development Programme for NI Climate Change Makers

Are you under 30 and passionate about the environment? Calling the class of 22/23! – young eco leaders sought for prestigious international ‘30 Under 30’ personal development programme – A…
29th September 2022

An upside-down view of currencies and interest rates

Whatever your politics, one has to feel a bit of sympathy (maybe) for the new Chancellor. It has been a very tough first week in a new job; lambasted by…
17th June 2022

Pacem Double-Winners at the 2022 Eastside Awards

The much anticipated Eastside Awards, in association with George Best Belfast City Airport, celebrating all that is good about East Belfast, returned in 2022 with a glittering awards ceremony hosted…
10th June 2022

Tips for unsettling times

The news today can feel a little bit unsettling.  There is no doubt that these are tough emotional times for investors.  Russia’s invasion and brutal war in Ukraine is unsettling…
7th May 2022

Winners Crowned at Belfast Business Idea Award 2022

Belfast-based entrepreneurs gathered at the Belfast Business Idea Award finalists’ night on Friday May 6 at Danske Bank to hear this year’s winners announced. A Belfast City Council initiative, supported…
20th April 2022

Digital assets and blockchain technology

Blockchains, Web3, the metaverse, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, dApps and DAOs. These terms have surged into mainstream media, from nowhere over a decade ago. At time of writing the total…
14th April 2022

Pacem Support Belfast Business Idea Award 2022

Pacem is delighted to, once again, support the Belfast Business Idea Award 2022. The Idea Award, supported by Belfast City Council, Danske Bank, Pacem, Enterprise NI and Innovation Factory, differs…
11th April 2022

Bonds – no pain, no gain

For the past 40 years or so, bond investors have, in a sense, been spoiled by an almost continuous fall in yields from over 14% in the 1980s, which –…
5th April 2022

Spare Room to Stellar: The Lusso Tan Story

Pacem is delighted to continue its support of an initiative entitled 'Spare Room to Stellar', alongside Belfast City Council and Danske Bank. Spare room to stellar is designed to inspire…
25th March 2022

The Ups and Downs of Spring Statement 2022

National Insurance Contributions (NICs) Despite lobbying to delay the upcoming 1.25% increase in NICs payable by employees, employers and the self-employed, the government has decided to go ahead as planned…
11th March 2022

Bonds – between a rock and a hard place

Sometimes as an investor we come face to face with a stark reality.  Today, that is the case with the bonds held in portfolios. By and large, most long-term investors…
4th March 2022

Spare Room to Stellar: The OutsideIn Story

Pacem is delighted to continue its support of an initiative entitled 'Spare Room to Stellar', alongside Belfast City Council and Danske Bank. Spare room to stellar is designed to inspire…
25th February 2022

Uncertainty abounds – it always does

Today, it certainly feels like the world is in a very uncertain place.  Authoritarian states are flexing their muscles, with Russia violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and China’s ongoing subjugation of Hong…
25th January 2022

Unpacking Inflation

Inflation measures the general increase in the price of goods and services. Left unchecked, it can be a dangerous foe to the long-term investor, eroding the purchasing power of one’s…
10th December 2021

Pacem Raise Vital Funds for Survivors of Suicide

Pacem is delighted to announce that a total of £4786.50 was handed over to Survivors of Suicide Support Group as a result of the team fundraising effort for the Belfast…
7th December 2021

FOMO may be bad for your wealth

It feels at the moment that the markets have gone a little mad.  Almost everything you hear on the news or read about investing suggests that everything is going up. …
18th November 2021

Bond Basics

We associate the term ‘bond’ with mutual connection, whether the subject is chemistry (between atoms, ions, or molecules), personal relationships (between human beings), or finance (between borrowers and lenders). The…
7th October 2021

If, and, then, but…

For those readers interested in financial news (some might call it noise), the unfolding story of Chinese property developer Evergrande (a name which is ironic given its dire financial position)…
7th September 2021

Retirement Rule 1

Don’t run out of money Of all the financial challenges and concerns that we face over our lifetimes, avoiding running out of money in retirement probably sits at the top…
16th August 2021

Preferences and their tradeoffs

Investing is all about tradeoffs. Each choice made is paired with an implicit decision not to do some alternative; the ‘opportunity cost’. For example, by investing solely in a basket…
10th August 2021

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) - update The CJRS has been extended until 30 September 2021. From 1 July 2021, the government will pay 70% of wages up to a…
26th July 2021

Irwin-McAfee joins Pacem

We are pleased to announce that, from May 2021, we have combined our business with Irwin-McAfee. Though we will be operating as one company, our clients can rely on the…
19th July 2021

All together now: ‘Costs really matter.’

The late, great Jack Bogle – the founder of Vanguard and the grandfather of index investing – left us all with a simple mantra that he repeated almost every time…
5th July 2021

Pacem Support Belfast Business Idea Award 2021

Pacem was delighted to, once again, support the Belfast Business Idea Award 2021. The Idea Award, supported by Belfast City Council, Danske Bank, Pacem, Enterprise NI and Innovation Factory, differs…
29th June 2021

The unhelpful noise of short-term performance

Investing is simple, but not easy.  The decision to invest in the first place requires foresight, as well as the discipline to deny oneself spending today so that you don’t…
23rd June 2021

Off-Payroll Working Northern Ireland

Will HMRC accept CEST result? Since 6 April 2021 large and medium-sized organisations, based on the Companies Act criteria, have had to determine whether or not a worker supplying his…
3rd June 2021

David 1, Goliath 0

It may have passed you by, but last week a little-known hedge fund called Engine No.1 (David) scored a direct hit with its shareholder slingshot to the forehead of one…
24th May 2021

Crypto Craziness

We humans are never lacking in our enthusiasm for crazy ‘investment’ ideas.  Around four hundred years ago the Dutch managed to work themselves into a frenzy over tulip bulbs.  At…
30th April 2021

April 2021 Tax News

New Personal Service Company Rules Start This Month The "off-payroll" working rules that apply to certain workers supplying their services to clients via their own personal service companies start from…
23rd April 2021

Coconuts versus sharks

If you have ever been fortunate enough to swim in the azure tropical waters of the Caribbean, or on Bondi Beach amongst the surfers, or in the chilly waters of…
16th April 2021

Pacem featured in ‘East Belfast – Our Story 2020’

Pacem is delighted to be featured in the film 'East Belfast - Our Story 2020', created by Eastside Awards. The Awards, in association with George Best Belfast City Airport has…
9th April 2021

Leverage: not without risk

Leverage, often referred to in investing as a ‘double-edged sword’, is another word for borrowing money to own more of an asset. Much like a mortgage on a house, it…
24th March 2021

Spare Room to Stellar: The Suki Tea Story

It was whilst walking from the Ravenhill Road to the Belfast’s city centre that Annie Irwin and Oscar Wooley decided to start a business. The original idea was to establish…
18th March 2021

Spare Room to Stellar: The BPerfect Story

How do you go from a market stall to a multinational, multi award-winning cosmetics brand? How do you go from a spare room to an ever-expanding local base that supplies…