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24th May 2021

Crypto Craziness

We humans are never lacking in our enthusiasm for crazy ‘investment’ ideas.  Around four hundred years ago the Dutch managed to work themselves into a frenzy over tulip bulbs.  At…
30th April 2021

April 2021 Tax News

New Personal Service Company Rules Start This Month The "off-payroll" working rules that apply to certain workers supplying their services to clients via their own personal service companies start from…
23rd April 2021

Coconuts versus sharks

If you have ever been fortunate enough to swim in the azure tropical waters of the Caribbean, or on Bondi Beach amongst the surfers, or in the chilly waters of…
16th April 2021

Pacem featured in ‘East Belfast – Our Story 2020’

Pacem is delighted to be featured in the film 'East Belfast - Our Story 2020', created by Eastside Awards. The Awards, in association with George Best Belfast City Airport has…
9th April 2021

Leverage: not without risk

Leverage, often referred to in investing as a ‘double-edged sword’, is another word for borrowing money to own more of an asset. Much like a mortgage on a house, it…
24th March 2021

Spare Room to Stellar: The Suki Tea Story

It was whilst walking from the Ravenhill Road to the Belfast’s city centre that Annie Irwin and Oscar Wooley decided to start a business. The original idea was to establish…
18th March 2021

Spare Room to Stellar: The BPerfect Story

How do you go from a market stall to a multinational, multi award-winning cosmetics brand? How do you go from a spare room to an ever-expanding local base that supplies…
11th March 2021

Spare Room to Stellar: The BLK BOX Story

Pacem is delighted to support a new initiative entitled 'Spare Room to Stellar', alongside Belfast City Council and Danske Bank. Spare room to stellar is designed to inspire and equip…
4th March 2021

March 2021 Tax – Budget Edition

Chancellor ‘Levels Up’ With Us on Tax Rishi Sunak has chosen a fine line between raising taxes to start paying down the massive Government borrowings but at the same time…
2nd March 2021

Inflation ahoy!

The word ‘ahoy!’ is an old maritime warning, usually used when either a ship or land was sighted in the distance as a warning to the crew to beware.  Today,…
11th February 2021

The madness of markets

The madness of markets As an investor, it is generally not a bad idea to ignore what is going on in your portfolio most of the time.  At the very…
29th January 2021

Bitcoin and bandwagons

Bitcoin and bandwagons In the past few months, it might appear – at least to some – that making money in markets is easy – just buy Tesla or Bitcoin…
12th November 2020

Equity markets and US Presidents

Equity markets and US Presidents The final days of Donald Trump’s Presidency are turning out to be a somewhat unedifying affair.  Enough said. Yet when it comes down to the…
29th October 2020

Negative interest rates

Negative interest rates Today, government bond yields and bank deposit rates sit very substantially – and uncomfortably - below where they were 5 and 10 years ago, in negative after-inflation…
30th September 2020


WINTER ECONOMY PLAN Here are the headlines from the Chancellors statement in Parliament on 24th September 2020 where a series of measures to help jobs and businesses were announced. NEW…
21st August 2020

Cash dividends: don’t bank on them

‘Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It's to see my dividends coming in.’ To this day we can still relate to the words of American industrialist…
6th August 2020

Good things come… … to those who wait

Good things come to those who wait. This was the strapline once used by Guinness to refer to the 119.5 seconds it takes to pour a ‘perfect’ pint of their…
23rd July 2020

The Big Five

Investors love good stories. In recent years, many of these stories have centered around innovations that have fundamentally changed the way we live our lives. Some examples might include the…
3rd July 2020

Second Self-Employed Income Support Grants to be Paid in August

On 29 May the Chancellor announced that the grant scheme to support the self-employed would also be extended with a further payment based on 70% of average profits for the…
18th May 2020

Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS)

This week HMRC will start contacting self-employed people who are likely to be eligible, through a combination of emails, SMS texts and letters, to tell them what they need to…
18th May 2020

Apply For A Business Bounce Back Loan (BBBL)

The Bounce Back Loan scheme helps small and medium-sized businesses to borrow between £2,000 and £50,000. The government guarantees 100% of the loan and there will not be any fees…
25th April 2020

Viewing your portfolio through the right lens

One of the positive consequences of the current lockdown is that is does provide the opportunity to revisit a few of those old tasks, hobbies and pleasures that always seem…
3rd April 2020

COVID-19 Support for Businesses

The Government has announced a range of measures to assist businesses in dealing with the financial impact of COVID-19.  We have outlined below the various support packages available. We will be in…
29th March 2020

Rebalancing – Do I really Need To

Humans have a hard time being investors.  Normally, we like to purchase things when they are cheap and avoid them when they are expensive, but that is often not the…
15th March 2020

Today’s Market Falls in the Context of History

Context is an important tool when it comes to investing.  All investors around the world will be feeling the emotional pressures of the recent rapid equity market falls, either because…
3rd March 2020

Pacem supports the Story Strategy Traction Labs

Pacem recently sponsored and delivered on a transformative one-day workshop for some 40 local entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs. The Story Strategy Traction Labs took place on the 4th and 11th March…
1st February 2020

Pacem Crowned ‘Employer of the Year’ at 2020 Eastside Awards

Pacem were delighted to win the 2020 Eastside Awards 'Employer of the Year' category at  the annual Eastside Awards in association with George Best Belfast City Airport, hosted by television…
30th January 2020

The Damian Hughes Podcast

In this episode, Internationally renowned speaker and best-selling business author Professor Damian Hughes recently visited the Pacem office. Damian’s innovative thinking has been praised by Sir Richard Branson, Muhammad Ali,…
20th November 2019

Pacem Support Belfast Business Idea Award

Pacem were proud to be involved in the recent Belfast Business Idea Award. The initiative was designed to unearth, recognise and help to fast track the best business ideas in…
2nd November 2019

Pacem Proudly Launch the Belfast Start Up Show

Pacem was delighted to support the Belfast Start Up Show which took place on Wednesday 20th November and featured presentations from successful local entrepreneurs (David Maxwell, MD of Boojum and…
Pacem and Redrock join forcesUncategorised
15th October 2019

Pacem and Redrock Financial join forces

We are delighted to announce that, as of October 2019, Pacem and Redrock Financial have combined our businesses to provide our clients with a coordinated range of financial planning, taxation…
7th June 2019

The Pain and Pleasure of Diversification

Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve! It is human nature to look at an investment that has done particularly well and wish you had been invested in it. We all risk being dragged…
3rd April 2019

A ‘set-and-forget’ investment approach? Forget it?

Systematic, evidence-based investing often results in very little activity in a portfolio.  It is wrong to think that this is the result of a ‘set-and-forget’ strategy.  Pacem Glover's Investment Committee…
20th December 2018

Christmas is the time for giving

Those thinking about making gifts at Christmas should take advantage of the various inheritance tax (IHT) exemptions and reliefs available to them. Note that certain gifts can also have capital…
1st November 2018

Budget Update 2018

MORE MONEY FOR NHS AND AN END TO AUSTERITY? As previously announced, these were the main themes of the Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s third budget but what we were waiting to…
30th October 2018

The René Carayol Podcast

Globally-renowned Leadership Coach, René Carayol MBE, visited the Pacem Glover office. Rene has worked closely with history-defining leaders such as Mikael Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, Sir Richard Branson and Bill Clinton.…
9th October 2018

Politics and portfolios

Politics and portfolios ‘May you live in interesting times’ Old Chinese curse. What a mess It is rare that politics is discussed in our articles about investing, but it is…
4th October 2018

Lara Morgan Podcast

Lara Morgan, one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, recently visited the Pacem Glover office. Now a best-selling business author, Lara started her first company, at the age of 23.…
19th September 2018

Mizen to Malin Fundraise Activity

Pacem Glover’s Kevin Kelly and Lizzy Crossan, along with other members of TeamBigDanny, were delighted to hand over a cheque for £10,635 to the Friends of the Cancer Centre Charity…
21st August 2018

Making Tax Digital for VAT

From April 2019 most VAT registered businesses will need to comply with new legislation requiring them to submit their VAT returns electronically using an Application Programme interface (API) between their…