Business Advisory

From pre-start to exit... providing timely information, unmatched expertise and diligent insight where and when it matters...
we add value way beyond the compliance work.

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Cashflow Forecasting
and Budgeting >

A healthy cashflow is critical to sustain and grow your business. Our forecasting and budgeting tools will allow you to control your finances to fund your capital requirements.

Management >

Monitor the aspects of your business that matter, whether that is the bank balance, Gross Profit % or hitting KPIs. We can help you recognise when a risk becomes critical, sending you alerts to ensure you’re one step ahead.

'What if'
Scenario Planning >

We review big decisions and potential scenarios – buying new equipment, purchasing new premises or opening a new branch. We work with you gathering data and apply relevant analytics to answer your questions and make action plans.

Tax Advice >

With over 40 years’ experience in providing professional tax advice we offer help with business restructuring and trust/estate management.

Industry Specific
Expertise >

Through years of experience working with clients in various industries we have built up a knowledge of key financial metrics that make these businesses successful. As a Pacem Glover client you will receive industry-specific expert advice that will give you a competitive edge.

Planning >

Developing and implementing a well-designed succession plan is essential to the survival of a family business from one generation to the next. We will help you to plan, review and implement your succession planning and exit strategy.

Valuation >

Valuing your company is a complex process that takes many factors into consideration; economic climate, goodwill, management structure etc. We have experience in valuing a range of industries and can provide you with an accurate result.

and growth >

We will help you map out your desired future state. More than that, we will help you get there. We do this through our proven model of business (re)definition, followed by analysis of your asset utilisation, markets addressed, competitive position and leadership.